Axel Springer's DNA has always consisted of content, classifieds and advertising. Paper & print in the past, digital & online today. news media, classifieds media, and marketing media - all core business areas have been transformed to a portfolio of digital-first brands.

At ASDV, we do not only look for these three elements that Axel Springer has grown with in the past, but apply these core assets and what Axel Springer stands for to new business models and concepts driven by technological innovation.

Our activities are based around values and assets of trusted brands, content creation, curation, distribution, commerce, and reach. We look for these common topics in our investments, as we believe that they cater towards certain trends we have identified over the years in all our activities and verticals.

ASDV is an exit driven investor. Nonetheless – defined by the Axel Springer DNA - we do look for companies and founders of whom we believe we can mutually benefit and learn from each other. This does not mean we look for acquisition cases for Axel Springer. Yet, within our venture activities, our final investment criterion will always be that we consider ourselves the best minority shareholder. To us this means we can leverage our network and knowledge in certain markets and business models. We usually like to invest cash, but for applicable cases we are able to design tailored media-for-equity deals - across print, online and TV.